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About Us

JazTy is the realized dream of the founder. During the process of raising four children, she realized that most children's furniture companies produce very similar looking furniture. In today's mass production world the vast majority of children's furniture is being made in China, and utilizes "wood" known as MDF. This type of "wood" is also known as fibrewood, and is ground wood mixed with waxes and resins, some of which have been feared to be potential carcinogens.

The premise of JazTy is to:

  • Search the world for unique high quality furniture categories.
  • Provide extremely high quality furniture at moderate pricing.

We feel there is a gap that is not being provided for in the children's furniture market between very high end, high quality exclusive products found in designer stores, and lower end mass produced items found in hundreds of online stores, and mass merchandisers. Our goal is to provide high quality old world, solid wood, hand constructed furniture at moderate pricing.

Our products are sourced from Indonesia from small factories that take pride in their work. We use 100% solid hardwoods that are certified from sustainably harvested forests. We employ our own quality control staff who oversee production and assure quality. Prior to shipping product out we once again 100% inspect all products to assure the highest quality.

Our goal is not just to provide your children with furniture they will cherish and love, but to provide furniture that their future children will cherish and love knowing that their own parents used it.

JazTy is a small family owned company. We take pride in our products and our quality. We guarantee your satisfaction for 30 days after purchase.   If you appreciate high quality, and want your children to sit in furniture made of solid wood using joinery techniques practiced for hundres of years, then consider our products.  

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope to hear from you soon.


501 E. Haverty Ct.

Rockledge, FL 32955

(321) 704-1244