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Fancy Luxury Cat Beds

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Amazing!  We made a fascinating discovery when we brought home one of our darling classic girls Victorian couches!   It turns out our cat  liked to use it as a pet cat bed as much as our girls liked to use it as a couch, and to stage their dolls on.  It was almost as if our royal feline had a sixth senese that we felt this furniture was not intended for cats, that it was too luxuriouis, and was intended for our real human princesses.   So the cat claimed the couch as her own, and begrudingly shares it with our daughers only if she is forcibly evicted for short periods of time. 

We had no idea, but then we researched the web and found out that owners love to buy realistic high quality luxury furniture and pet beds for their special  cat and dog family members.  We wondered... perhaps we are going about this all wrong, and we should really be marketing a line of high end, high quality, furniture and pet beds designed for spoiled pets, cats, ankd dogs that have a fondness for luxury?  

Help us decide if we are in the wrong market.   If you have a princess or prince that really and truly BELIEVES they are human and sit on couches and beds as if they are royalty, have arrived, and that humans exist only to fawn over them, feed them at their will, pet them endlessly, talked to them in high pitched voices as if they are small babies.... well that's what we hear at least, we are not speaking from personal experience.   

Perhaps your royal highness or princess will like these pet couches as much as ours did.

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